Technical Papers

Research on Nano Concrete (NAC) and development of NAC Aggregate (NACA)

The idea for this research stems out of the practice witnessed at Bangladesh where, in order to meet the need for aggregate of concrete in the absence of hillocks, they break clay bricks in portable jaw crushers. Here emerged the research thought: “while clay bricks of 15-20 MPa could be crushed as aggregate and used in structural concrete, why not NAC stone with its strength of over 60 MPa!”

Exactly at this point of time, NTPC has called for ideas under National Grand Challenge (2019) for Mass Scale Fly Ash Utilisation and this innovation has bagged the 1st Prize. There upon NTPC opted to construct a demo-building totally with NACA concrete for which the inventors have cast over 90 tons of NAC boulders, crushed into 20 & 10 mm aggregate in commercial crusher and supplied for this structure.