About Us

Institute for Solid Waste Research & Ecological Balance (INSWAREB) is the unique techno-scientific research body in NGO segment, engaged in research, development and commercial deployment of patented technologies for utilization of mineral constituents derived from industrial by-products viz: Fly ash, Slag, Gypsum, Lime sludge etc.

FaL-G was invented and developed at the INSWAREB by Mr N Kalidas and Dr Bhanumathidas who are the recipients of prestigious CANMET/ACI International Award for their “Sustained and Outstanding Contribution in the area of Fly Ash utilization in Bricks and Concrete in India” over the last two decades.

FaL-G is an optimized cement chemistry emerged out of ancient pozzolanic chemistry that has proved its legacy with over millennia of structural life.

INSWAREB also assists in promoting FaL-G technology for realizing sustainable development and CO2 mitigation in India, the developing and under developed countries with emphasis on community development.

The associate company, Eco Carbon Pvt. Ltd., (ECPL) is engaged in extending consultancy for CDM projects. As of now, ECPL has aggregated six Bundles of FaL-G brick units as CDM projects, out of which three are registered and remaining three are in the pipeline for Registration. Thus ECPL is helping the small scale FaL-G brick units in encashing their Emission Reductions (ERs).