FaL-G is a technological renaissance of the age-old pozzolanic chemistry proven for its strength and durability. FaL-G is a ground blend of fly ash (Fa), lime (L) and gypsum (G) in suitable proportions which, upon hydration, yields strengths in the range of 6 – 40 MPa, rendering a highly water impervious hard matrix, with the formation of mineralogical phases during hydration similar to those of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). The proportions of lime and gypsum are dependent upon the chemical constituents and the behaviour of fly ash. The technology is thus custom built with process parameters to yield a product of superior technical virtues.

Use of FaL-G does not confine only to brick but also gets extended to concrete, be it PCC or RCC.

As a further advancement in research, No-Aggregate Concrete (NAC) has been developed, dispensing away the inputs of sand and stone, using fly ash as pozzolan and also micro-aggregate whereby the latter rendered the performance that is supposed to be rendered by conventional coarse and fine aggregates.

Whenever lime is in short supply, Portland cement can be used as source of lime. Thus, this technology can be practiced both in ‘lime route’ and ‘cement route’ without disturbing the ultimate technical parameters and economics.To read more about Fly ash visit to Brick India Site.

This technology got international recognition. CANMET/ACI the techno-sciientific body of Canada and USA, have awarded Dr Bhanumathidas and Kalidas for their invention and services in the dissemination of this technology at National level.

FaL-G for Infrastructure applications:

FaL-G does not confine its role as walling bricks alone; because of flexibility in technology to manufacture bricks and blocks with a strength of 8 to 40 MPa, FaL-G blocks do find their use in infrastructure applications also such construction of water bodies, canal lining, check dams and Khadanza pavements. INSWAREB offers at least 100-years of performance assurance to Khadanza pavements made with FaL-G blocks. A technical note is submitted to Min. of Rural Development for the large scale use of FaL-G Khadanza pavements in ‘Pradhan Mantri Grameen Sadak Yojana (PMGSY). Once government encourages this avenue of utilisation, INSWAREB guarantees that there would be no accumulation of fly ash in the country. 

Advanced concrete technology for structures with long service life:

INSWAREB also promotes concrete based on advanced concrete technology. It has masterised Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) developed by Japanese during 90’s. The uniqueness is that INSWAREB gives mixes with high volumes of fly ash, as high as 500-650 per cu.m, ensuring strengths 40-60 MPa. In this approach fly ash is used not only as pozzolan, but also as micro aggregate by which sizable inputs of fine and coarse aggregate do come down. The video on Advanced Concrete Technology ( opens up new vistas of concrete technology.