What Others Said

“I congratulate you both for bringing out the valuable publication ‘Fly ash for Sustainable Development’ which is of international standard. The publication is interesting and useful for the Indian construction industry”. – Dr N Raghavendra Technical Advisor Institute for Research, … Continue reading

Dr N Raghavendra

“Fly ash is one of the industrial byproducts, which needs to be effectively used in construction activities. Andhra Pradesh generates nearly 10% of the total fly ash in the country and thus, it is imperative to work out a meaningful … Continue reading

N Chandrababu Naidu

“In India, we have very belatedly realised the importance of recovering valuable resources from ‘so called’ waste products from our industries and urban settlements. In this context I am very happy to note that your company has succeeded in developing … Continue reading

Kamal Nath

“I am sure, the ‘National Workshop on low cost technology for fly ash’ organised to propagate the technological marvel the ‘FaL-G’ will achieve its objectives and contribute to involving various agencies and other people connected with the housing activity in … Continue reading

Arif Mohammed Khan

“FaL-G is one of the technological marvels of the century in the field of construction to answer the multiple needs of the globe on ecological warfare. The product is strong, durable and is cost effective. What more is expected for … Continue reading

V Suresh

“By disregarding the standard chemical and physical requirements for use of fly ash in cement and concrete industry, the authors found that tailor-made blends of even non standard fly ashes with lime and gypsum or with Portland cement produced adequate … Continue reading

P K Mehta