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Technical Note on Research of Nano Concrete (NAC)

Background of Research on Nano Concrete:

Though stone is the strongest constituent of concrete the strength of stone is not evident in compressive strength. It is the bond-strength at transition zone which reflects as the grade strength of concrete. This is evident where, cement is normally increased to upgrade the strength of concrete but not the input of stone.  Here the research dimension came into question: “Since stone is the constituent of concrete transition zone do develop surrounding the stone that pronounces the grade strength of concrete. Why not avoid stone so much so the transition zone?”  The pursuit of this research though paid dividends where if the control concrete with 350 kg of cement input gives strength of M25-M30, for the same input of cement Nano Concrete has given a strength of over M60.

This wonder product is called No-Aggregate Concrete (NAC), which means a concrete without sand and stone. It is also christened as Nano Concrete since the pore structure in NAC does refined to nano pores as against micro pores common with matrix of the control concrete. The detailed technical note is given below:

Tech. Note on NAC Dec 2015